Offering more than 1000 square meters, Bar Studios is the ideal setting for your next studio production. We work with brands, production companies, and content creators to produce media of higher quality. Each shoot or event is tailored to your specific needs.


BAR Studios - Studio 1

Studio 1

BAR Studios - Studio 2

Studio 2

BAR Studios - Studio 3

Studio 3

BAR Studios - Studio Plus

Studio Plus

BAR Studios - The Room

The Room

BAR Studios - The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse


  • Studio Rental


    A comfortable working environment and competitive rates. A large parking lot door provides easy entry for clients, equipment, guests, and crew.

  • Set Design


    Skills and space to make sets. From design through to set dressing we can offer a full production design service.

  • Equipment Rental


    Everything you need for your photo shoot: our inventory features the most up to date lighting equipment and is constantly being revised!

  • Studio Production


    Professional services such as make-up artist, photographer, videomaker, lighting technician, set designer or studio assistant.

  • Logistic


    A fast shipping department for your items for the shoot.

  • Catering


    A professional food lab for your lunch break.